• No eating underground
  • Hot Dogs, only outdoors
  • Shelled peanuts, only at baseball games
  • Popcorn, only at movie theaters
  • Clam Chowder only within 1/2 mile radius of coastline
  • Clam Chowder only when overcast or cold
  • Fruit only ending in "E" during months not ending in "R"
  • No Canada Dry in Canada (or when its raining).  
  • No soup while the sun is out 
  • No hot drinks on hot days
  • Mac & Cheese can only be an entree for lunch 
  • A sandwich may not be an entree for dinner.
  • You may only eat the Danishes at Ikea
  • Dinner is served only until 7 o'clock. After that,
    it's not dinner.  It's preliminary breakfast.
  • No eggs after 11
  • No tuna before 12
  • No eating after 8
  • No food in bed