Welcome to Steve's Food Rules.Com!

I have always been a fussy eater but it wasn't until I worked for a major law firm in Los Angeles that I realized I had a set of nutty rules that governed what I would eat.  I recall the afternoon years ago when everyone in the office was ordering Chinese food for lunch except me.  Why?  I just thought it was wrong to eat Asian food "while the sun was out."  The Food Rules were born.

From then on, I started keeping track of my warped Rules so that I could share them at parties and social gatherings to everyone's dismay (and groans of agony).  At some point, there were so many Rules, I could not remember them with my challenged mental capacity.  That is when I started recording them on my iPhone.  And now, voila!

Just like any masterpiece of art or literature, this is a work in progress.  I have not yet explained the inspiration behind each Rule as in the Asian food example (yes, there was inspiration).   And, while this is potentially my life's greatest work, I am not bitter.  Instead, finally memorializing my Food Rules has had a calming effect. The world is safe - for now.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

Steven | February, 2012
Los Angeles